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AP Government Syllabus
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I.                     Introducing Government in America           Lineberry, Ch.  1                                             

         What is government, politics, & public policy

         What is a political system

         Theories of American democracy


II.            Constitutional Foundations                             Lineberry, Ch.  2 & 3                                      

         Origins of the Constitution - goals of the Framers

         Principles of the Constitution

         Amending the Constitution – Formal & Informal Processes

         Federalists v. Anti-Federalists


         Intergovernmental relations


III.                 Public Opinion, Parties, & Interest Groups Lineberry, Ch.  6, 8, 11                                  

         Political socialization & public opinion

         Political ideology in America

         American political parties - nature, organization, & function

         Interest groups & PACS - nature & functions


IV.                Campaigns, Elections, & the Media               Lineberry, Ch.  7, 9, & 10                          

         Nominations & elections

         Campaign finance

         Voter behavior

         The electoral college

         The role of the media


V.                 The Congress                                                     Lineberry,Ch. 12         


         Structure & Organization

         The role of the party in Congress

         The legislative process

         Congressional policy making


VI.                The Presidency & the Bureaucracy              Lineberry, Ch. 13 & 15                                

         Power & the presidency

         Policy making:   the President v. the Congress

         The federal bureaucracy - structure & organization, policy making


VII.        Judiciary      Lineberry Ch. 16                                       


         A dual system of courts - structure & organization

         Supreme Court operations

         Interpreting the Constitution

         Implementing court decisions                     


VIII.        Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, Judiciary      Lineberry Ch. 4,5                                       

                         The Bill of Rights

                         The 14th Amendment & Incorporation

                         Due process & religion

                         Due process & expression - speech, press, assembly

                         Search & seizure

                         Due process in criminal investigations, trial, & punishment

                         The right to privacy

                         Civil rights & law - equal protection                                         


IX.         Making Government Policy                          Lineberry, Ch. 14, 17, 18, 19, & 20        

         The Federal budget – Taxing & Spending

         Economic Policies

         Social Welfare

         Health, Environment, Energy

         Foreign Policy & Defense